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Industrial Sector Subjects

Industrial Sector Subjects -Grade Eleven Industrial Sector Subjects -Grade Twelve
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History of Jordan History of Jordan
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Special Industrial Sciences Special Industrial Sciences
Industrial Drawing Industrial Drawing                                   The highest mark
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Industrial Sector Questions and Answers


Program Overview


Vocational Education is a vital part of any development strategy, and it is the key to changing the world of work and the economy, as well as improving the environment and the quality of life. As a result, a key purpose of Vocational Education is to provide direct preparation for university and job by imparting knowledge, learning skills, and connecting knowledge to a variety of practices and qualifications.


As a result, the Islamic Educational College’s schools established an industrial branch specializing in electricity in Jubaiha branch. The industrial department was equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment.

The Islamic Educational College has also hired specialist engineers with experience teaching industrial branch students to teach our students for the next year, God willing, so that the Islamic Educational College’s schools can become a comprehensive school with all specialties taught in one location.





What are the personal characteristics of industrial branch students?

Personal Characteristics of the Industrial Branch Students


Assuming the student has completed his basic education and is now in high school, he has to select the educational branch in which he wishes to specialize, such as agricultural, scientific, industrial, or literary stream.

Students definitely choose their majors based on a variety of factors, the most important of which are their academic preferences and the university major they wish to pursue. For example, they would choose one of the engineering majors.



1-The manual work skills.

2- The ability to work as part of a team.

3- The scientific research skills and the development of industry projects in the sector.

4-Gaining distinguished talent.

5-Complete understanding of how to operate the most common industrial tools.

6 – Eagerness for developing knowledge.

7 – Having scientific preferences

8- The ability to create high-quality products

9-Skills for thinking outside the box

10-Having a competitive spirit.

11- 3D design skills

12- Proficient skills in using AutoCAD.

13- STEM skills that are related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

14- Productivity at work

15- Skills to plan and arrange everyday activities and accomplishments.

16- Personality will be characterized by leadership qualities.


 Approaches to Teaching and Learning 1. Teaching by using interactive simulation software

2.Enrichment materials

3. The exercises’ practical implementation

In addition, there is a lengthy explanation on this subject.

The Curriculum Ministry of Education Curriculum /            The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Assessment Theoretical Exams

Practical Exams


School Subjects for grade 11 and 12


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What distinguishes the program?











All educational programs are unique

; nonetheless, going to the industrial branch is motivated by academic preferences and the specialty that the student wants to study at the university.

The student develops a set of technical skills that help him stand out from his colleagues in other specialties during his first years at university since he gains efficient skills and knowledge during vocational training.

Program Accreditation The National Program/ The equivalency of the certificate abroad is measured according to all other specializations and the student can complete his studies in all universities in the world.

( The allied specializations in the Jordanian Universities /file attached )



Enrollment requirements for students in the program Passing the Middle Years Education