The IEC kindergarten is situated in a spacious setting. The setting is cozy, light, airy, and is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities that makes the learning environment fun for our children. The teaching staff have access to many learning resources along with our school allotment that provides great opportunities for outdoor play.

Our school premises are available for five days a week and caters for children aged four and five years old. We offer a wide range of activities that engage all children and develop their literacy in English. Our approach to teaching stems from our belief of developing the character of our children and helping them to express themselves in an international language while maintaining Islamic values. With over 70 years of early childhood education, we are one of the handful schools in

Jordan and the region that has providing quality education for this age group of children.
Our competent staff team have a strong experience in teaching young children from four to six years old. They are very enthusiastic about teaching and very conscious
about those little children to express themselves and be ready for the next stage in their life.
During the global pandemic, the teaching staff have been very dynamic in engaging the children in an online environment by tailoring activities that stimulate their inner sense and participation.

The kindergarten level is considered a crucial point in the individual’s life. Depending on how well it is chosen, the future of the individual at school, family and community is formed, since at this stage ones core personality starts to shape.
Having said that the kindergarten stage deserves every possible attention and care on many levels – home, school and society, the co-operation between the kindergarten and home is essential to understand the psychology of each child disregarding the child’s capacities.

The parents’ role doesn’t end as soon as their child enters the kindergarten and from here, from the fact that the kindergarten is an extension to the parent’s role at home, the kindergarten has always been essential for the parents as much as for their children depending on the fact supply, the parents with the feedback for their children, and that is when the co-operate with and contact their child’s kindergarten.

The Islamic Educational College believes in all what is mentioned above and that makes it of the special kindergarten in the educational domain which aims at developing the child’s different skills through taking care of and paying attention to the various educational activities as the playing , drama, story, computer, music, arts and the many visits and trips under the supervision of a special faculty that works on developing the children’s interaction teaching and educational skills along with a distinguished academic curriculum to create a young generation that raised on islam. Moreover, in the Islamic Educational Jubieha Kindergarten we are after supplying our beloved children with the knowledge and the tools which are meant to help them to keep up with life updates among the accelerated successive explosion of knowledge through giving many activities which pay attention to the child’s intellectual skills, build his/her knowledge and make it a base for the next stages which will help him / her to solve the problems that might face the individual in the future from which is the intellectual activities that is based on the creative skills like fluency, flexibility and the originality in dealing with different situations, also.
Our kindergarten makes multipurpose activities through playing which are designed to accelerate the children to cope with their peers.

Some provided activities and services are

The counseling servicesIn this department a team of councilors that is experienced in dealing with kids' behavioral problems are solving problems that affect kid's involvement in the kindergarten environment. This department also helps in departing kids from their families safely and engages them with the kindergarten as a new environment.
Medical servicesThis department provides a continual medical follow up for kids through following up their cases when from day one till the graduation. These cases are documented in order to be used in advanced stages. Also, the experienced kindergarten teachers help in revealing the unusual cases, if any, and send them to the clinic to advice and guide their parents about how to deal with the child's problems.
The academic supportive servicesThis department gives the services that suit different levels of children from the academic perspective. As a result, several programs are applied according to the children's level. Some of these programs support kids especially the special cases in which relies on a follow up remedial plan for each student individually as an ``Individual Learning.``
The supportive programThis program support the previous programs mentioned through stimulating the positive aspects in the child by using the nominal prizes. Also, this program aims to eliminate the negative behaviors in our children if any. The methodical activities: From the very beginning or the scholastic year several methodical activities that aim to deepen our beloved children's observation about the presented classes.

Our Programmes

Our main goal at the kindergarten level is to help students develop their literacy in English, mainly in speaking. We aim at developing their lexical repertoire through stories, songs and other activities, so the children are able to interact in an English-speaking environment.

We are also keen on developing the other language skills for our children. We have a scope and sequence that develops the phonemic awareness of children from the word comparison to the phoneme deletion and manipulation. In KG1, children are exposed to the sounds of English where they build their phonemic awareness and then start matching the sounds with meanings. Later, throughout the year, they can match the sounds with prints and develop an acceptable proficiency level. In KG2, teachers take the children to a higher level in which they keep building their phonemic awareness, but they offer a wide range of activities that help the children develop speaking in English. The teachers enrich the children’s vocabulary, leading to better speaking skills.

Reading Club

We know that children are in fond of stories. We have scheduled classes for reading in which there is a set of stories selected carefully for each age of our children. The teachers read stories with the children in class and encourage them to read at home. The teachers are trained on reading stories where they implement emotional, cognitive, and linguistic techniques to develop the language skills for children.

Flipped Classroom

During the global pandemic where schools are on and off, we were very keen from the beginning to be as much emotional as possible and keep the children’s interest in learning. So, we adopted a flipped classroom approach where the teacher prepares and offers learning materials to children that they can go through on their own and/or with a little bit of help from their parents, and then come to the online or in-person classes for a more engaging and fun learning environment.

Understanding the world

We believe that children love to speak about their home and past experiences and begin to form their understanding on their culture. We use technology to explore the world around them. That is through the interactive whiteboards and other technological facilities that we offer at school.