Student Support Program

Student Support Program (Challenges Team): It is a program that seeks to reach the students to their maximum potential and abilities, able to deal with life by developing their cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills in a moderate Islamic environment, keeping pace with scientific, educational, and technological developments, able to complete their high school, and prepared for higher education stage.


  • Achieving justice and equal opportunities in line with human rights.
  • Integrated and continuous assessment and diagnosis of the student and follow-up of his educational life
  • Attention to the category (those with difficulties and slow learning) by specialists according to their needs.
  • Providing educational services to make the student more integrated and productive in the school and local communities.
  • Providing scientific and training services in the field of learning difficulties and slowness for teachers, parents, and the school community.
  • Raising awareness in the school and local communities to take care of students with difficulties and slow learning.
  • Work to train national competencies in this field to become capable of progress and giving.

Target groups

  1. Students with disorders and challenges related to the learning process, such as: (1)students with learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia … etc.), (2)slow learners students, (3)students whose mother tongue language is not Arabic and are enrolled in the national program Or, Arabic mother tongue  and enrolled in international programs, (4)students are of low academic achievement and do not have cognitive disorders (academic delay due to social, behavioral problems or any external reasons that are not attributable to the same child).
  2. Students with speech disorders and autism domain: providing services to them begins in the academic year 23/2024
  3. Special Needs Students with different special cases for whom schools can be an effective incubator, providing services to them at the beginning of the academic year 24/2025

School Classes:

Phase one: The target group is second to seventh grade students, starting from the academic year 2018/2019

Phase two: The target group is all school students in all grades. as follows:

The academic year 21/2022 enters the second and third grades of primary school and the eighth and ninth grades

The academic year 22/2023 enters the first and tenth grades.

The academic year 23/2024, all grades enter schools.


A graduate who has reached the maximum of his abilities and capabilities, overcoming the challenges and difficulties facing according to the best strategies, able to deal with the challenges and difficulties that he faces in the future, and with an integrated personality from the cognitive, emotional and social aspects.