Chairman Letter

Our beloved partners, stakeholders, and parents,


We are delighted to meet with you despite of the global pandemic as we used to meet with you face to face and we ask Allah, the Almighty to rid us and all humanity of it.

We pray to Allah to bestow upon you well-being and health.

The Islamic Educational College was founded in 1947, seventy years ago. It was established to remain a pioneer in education as long as there are loyal and trustworthy citizens in its management team.

We derive our determination with the help of Allah, the Almighty, and from the clear vision that has been steering our work to be a pioneer in education in terms of our technical, administrative and teaching staff in addition to our financial and technological potentials that fulfill the needs of our fellow citizens.

Our great mission guides our staff in the preparation of a generation that is aware and capable of facing challenges by improving their social, physical and learning skills. Furthermore, we seek upbringing of a generation that is promising, knowledgeable and inquiring – a generation that is proud of their religion and language and is respectful of others while coping with technological advances and being responsible for their country and nation.   

These majestic structures are situated atop the hills of Amman in Jabal Amman and Al-Jubeiha. The IEC Schools offer distinguished educational services in academic and vocational (Electricity Branch) national programs, as well as international programs such as the British and American programs for all grades and educational stages. In addition, the schools continuously interact and cooperate with the institutions of the local community in different fields giving diverse opportunities and potentials.

The Islamic Cultural Society is a non-profit organization that embraces the Islamic Educational College schools with compassion. It is a great legacy that is passed down from parents to their offspring. To serve it is an honour, and to care for its children is a religious, ethical, and humane duty. We have promised Allah SWT first and foremost as well as our fellow citizens that we would remain faithful to our message, which was passed down to us by our ancestors  – may Allah grant  them the highest of rewards – as a service to our children, community, and nation. Allah is the Giver of Success. May God protect you all till we meet again.

Director-General of the Islamic Cultural Society

H.E. Eng. Omar “Mohammed Ali” Bdeir