Admission Policy

Admission Requirements

Requirements for Registration:

  1. Initial requirements for the registration of KG and First Grade students:
  2. Two recent validated copies of the child’s Jordanian birth certificate holding the National Number.
  3. Copy of the vaccination card of the student.
  4. Recent passport photograph with the child’s full name on the back side.
  5. Personal interview with the child.

* Students are admitted in the academic year 2021/2022 according to the following:

– Students born in 2017 are admitted to KG 1.

–  Students born in 2016 are admitted to KG 2.

– Students born in 2015 are admitted to the First Grade.


  1. Registration requirements for students of the second grade up to the second secondary grade:
  2. A transfer certificate (validated by the Directorate of private Education from which the student is transferred).
  3. Last school results report. (Marks certificate).
  4. Two recent validated copies of the child’s Jordanian birth certificate.
  5. Student’s academic record.
  6. Previous school reports Recent passport photograph with the student’s full name on the back side. Copy of the Civil Status ID Card.
  7. Copy of Jordanian family book.
  8. Copy of the student’s valid residence permit for foreigners.
  9. Copy of the student’s passport for those from Gaza, who hold temprory passport.
  10. The official results of the 8th and 9th calsses for the students to be registered at the 10th grade.
  11. Students transferred from schools outside Jordan are required to validate their documents by the Private Education Directorate in Amman.
  12. The official approval of the Inspection and Follow up Department for holders of the Palestinian Nationality.
  13. All the above mentioned documents are to be submitted before the commencement day of the academic year.